mbs305 VIT Witness Proposal

Thanks for visiting my page and for your consideration in voting for me as a VIT Witness. Please read on to learn about me and my involvement with Vice Industry Token. I'm usually on Touch.Tube at least once a day voting and commenting. I also upload promotional videos from affiliate programs I work with. I've provided the Vice Team with copies of all my affiliate agreements and licenses. My hope is that these paysites become integrated with Vice Industry Token so that the VIT ecosystem becomes stronger.

Also, I was a VIT ICO bounty marketer and have been working on the VIT Digital Street Team for the past couple of months helping to spread the word about Vice Industry Token and Touch.Tube. I'm a big supporter of the project and becoming a Witness was the next logical step for me.

Lastly, my technical background is primarily in web development and secondarily in systems administration. I typically work with Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. If you’d like to get in touch with me you can ping me in the VIT Telegram Chat or in the Vice Witness Chat server on Discord.

Thank you for your consideration as a VIT Witness.