mbs305 VIT Witness Proposal

Thanks for visiting my page and for your consideration in voting for me as a VIT Witness. Please read on to learn about me and my involvement with Vision Industry Token. I’m active on the VIT Network and have worked with the core team in many endeavors to grow the network and add tools to the ecosystem.

I have worked with the core team to promote VIT and the sites they have integrated with. Beyond marketing and promotion, I have built some software to enhance usage of the VIT blockchain.

I have built a set of witness server kill switch and failover scripts in Python. These scripts monitor a witness node for missed blocks and once the threshold of total missed blocks is reached the scripts take action. In the case of the kill switch, the script simply disables the witness. In the case of the failover, the script will disable the primary witness and enable the backup. The failover script then becomes a kill switch for the backup and will disable it in the event of backup failure. The VIT witness kill switch and failover scripts are available on GitHub.

I have also built a VIT-USD price feed and a simple REST API for the VIT blockchain. Both are used by the WooCommerce VIT Payment Gateway I built as a fork from the WooCommerce Steem Payment Gateway.

Lastly, my technical background is primarily in web development and secondarily in systems administration. I typically work with Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. If you’d like to get in touch with me you can ping me in the VIT Telegram Chat or in the Vice Witness Chat server on Discord.

Thank you for your consideration as a VIT Witness.