VIT API Terms of Service Agreement

Current API Version: 1.0

Updated November 19, 2019

This document governs your use of the Vision Industry Token API at as well as both yours and our rights and responsibilities.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This API is totally free to use and is provided as is with no uptime guarentess or warranties. We make our best effort to keep the API online and available at all times but due to circumstances beyound our control there will be downtime on occassion. You agree to hold IsFor.Me harmless for any and all events, including in the event of API downtime that impacts your application or website.

Data Privacy

This API can only access already publicly available data on the VIT Blockchain. The same data and much more can be accessed in a human readable layout at the VIT Blockchain Explorer.

Data Caching

Since this API is free to use and the data it provides is already publicly available, you are free to cache data from the API in your app or website for as long as you need it.


If you make use of this API to provide data in your app or website you are not required to disclose it or link back to the API homepage. But if you wouuld like to it would be welcome.

Rate Limits

The current rate limit for the API is one request per second. IsFor.Me reserves the right to raise or lower this limit at any time. This document and the VIT API Homepage will be updated to reflect the change, if/when it occurs. Violating the rate limit can result in your connection being throttled or your IP address being temporarily banned. Continued violation can result in permament blacklisting of your IP address.


IsFor.Me reserves the right to ban IP addresses it determines in its sole discretion is violating these terms of service and/or maliciously attacking the VIT API website.

API Versioning

IsFor.Me may from time to time upgrade or add new functionality to the API. Any updates will aim to remain backwards compatible, but some updates can and will break functionality. As a result, IsFor.Me will provide a notice period before updates are to be pushed to production as well as documentation of the new features.